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37-38/68 photos of David Gilmour

35-36/68 photos of David Gilmour

33-34/68 photos of David Gilmour

Pink Floyd | 1967

thesunshineshow asked: Pow R toc H, Saucerful of secrets, any from More, any from Ummagumma, Any from AHM One of these days, any from OBC, The great gig in the sky, Any colour you like, signs of life, terminal frost, cluster one or marooned. Which is your favorite!?

every single one
because they have this thing that they make a record of a song and it does not sound as epic as the others and then they extend it on stage to a pretty good piece of music so i can’t decide,
one day this is my favourite one day that and so on

insanityphr33k asked: This is probably going to sound uber rude, but it is soooo confusing seeing asks about how attractive david gilmoure is, considering how old he is now. I can see exactly why people would find him attractive during his younger days though. As always, wonderful blog, love the floyd, keep being awesome.

ifeelthebreezelove asked: David Gilmour is the definition of orgasm. He should be included in dictionaries and books next to terms like sex,perfection,beautiful,arms,lips,eyes,hair,legs and definitely back and butt

Anonymous asked: 19/68 of David.. Ohh goodness. What I would do to that man.


ihaveanoldsoulforeverything asked: Hey! :) I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog!! It is one of the best out there!!

oh my god thank you so much sweetheart !

Pink Floyd | 1967

24-32/68 photos of David Gilmour